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Pest Forecast’s Blog:

This Blog’s contain about pest forecasting and something that  correlate, like pest identification, pest monitoring and survey, situation of pest attack, mapping of pest and recommendation of pest control.

Its contents represent result of my masterpiece which made as according to my experience, like scientipic paper, handing out, report, and other my documentation.

Information which is presented in this blog is expected be of benefit to all side.  Referring to my mentioned hope to get suggestion and criticism to increase the quality of this blog.

We thank you for your visit in ” Pest Forecast’s Blog”. Criticism and your suggestion, I await.

Created by:

Edi Suwardiwijaya

Governmental Officer in Pest Forecasting Center. Directorate General of Food Crop. Department of Agriculture

Address Office:
Roadway of Kaliasin – Kotabaru – Karawang – West Java
Phone/Facs: + 62 264 360581

email: edisw@hotmail.com




I am as functional technical staff of pest controller as jobs:

Observation and surveillance of pest – Data analysis of pest experiment – Data analysis of pest forecasting – Mapping of pest – Migratory locust management – Facilitator of Field Farmers School  (IPM/ICM) – Facilitator of Rural Partisipatory Planning – Instructure in the forecasting and mapping of pest training.


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  1. Posted by Edi S Wijaya on August 31, 2009 at 7:24 pm

    Jika anda perlu bantuan konsultasi, tentang berbagai hal yang berhubungan dengan masalah hama dan penyakit tanaman silahkan hubungi kami via email. Kami siap membantu anda. Terima kasih atas kunjungannya.


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